This User Agreement (this “Agreement”) governs the relationship between You, the User of the program for organizing exchanges of digital data and activity on the Internet on the platform (“Site”) and the Administrator, Any Request LLC, located at Ed 21, Building 16, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, U.A.E., collectively referred to as the "Parties" (the "Party", if individually).

1.1 Capitalized terms appeared in this Agreement are used in the following meaning except as otherwise derived from the text of the contract:
“Account (User Account)” means a unique login and password assigned to it for authorization on the Site, indicated during the registration on the Site, or changed according to the password change / restore procedure;
“Information Resources (” means websites and other resources: bots in messengers, message boards, etc. (the “Site”), and recourses that offer their services using a special software interface for all users. The provision of Site services is carried out under the control of the Administrator. Contact Administrator: ;
“Task” means information created by users of the Site with the achievement of the final result of the actions described in the task;
“Likes” means non-activated data and commands expressed in a digital way, used on the Site to assess the capabilities and digital resources of exchange participants and activate their operations (are not a means of payment and all operations with them on the Site are exclusively virtual, any relations between exchange participants are limited by the functionality of the Site, and exchange participants cannot make any claims from any of the parties outside the website);
“Login” means a sequence of characters that distinguishes (identifies) each individual user from other users of the Site;
“Exchange” means the creation of tasks by one user and their execution by other users, taking into account the fact that each user can simultaneously create and perform tasks, forming a continuous exchange of information between users (Exchange Participants);
“Password” means a sequence of characters known only to the User, stored on the Site in encrypted form and used to authenticate the user.
 “User(s)” means individuals who either have registered on the Site or use the Site in one or another possible functional both with registration and without it;
“Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands” means the rights stipulated by this Agreement for the use of data, commands and the visual displays generated by them or actions on the Site, activated sequentially for the User to receive a certain result;
“Service(s)” means the functionality of the Site available to users of the Site;
“Promotional material” means any advertising information (information about the advertising object, distributed in any form by any means, aimed at attracting attention to the advertising object, creating or maintaining interest in it and (or) its promotion in the market);
“Exchange participants” means Site Users.

2.1 This Agreement is the contract of adhesion. The text of this Agreement is published on the Site at the following address: and addressed to an indefinite circle of persons.
2.2 Using the Site, registering on the Site, performing other actions in the manner and on the conditions specified by this Agreement is a fact of acceptance by the User of the terms of this Agreement.
2.3 Subject to the conditions set forth herein, Administrator may, in its sole discretion, amend this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on the Site. The new edition, as well as separately posted rules on the Site, take precedence over previous versions of the Agreement.
2.4 By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the User guarantees that he has all the necessary rights and entitlements, including if the Agreement is concluded on behalf of an entity (Entrepreneur). By accepting Site Services terms of use, the Party agrees to comply with all conditions of the Agreement, as well as the rules posted on the Site in full.
2.5 The User confirms that he has the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement. If the User has not reached the age of majority (18 years) or is fully or partially incompetent according to the legislation, the User confirms that he has received permission of legal representatives to inter into this Agreement in the form permitted by applicable law.
2.6 The user does not have the authority to use the service of the Site if the legislation of the territory of his location prohibits the use of the service of the Site or sets other, including age, restrictions. In this case, the User is responsible for using the Site services.
2.7 This Agreement describes the conditions in reliance on which access to Site Services is provided. Before using the Site service, the User must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, otherwise the Site Service cannot be used.
2.8 Access to and use of the Site Services is also governed by the Information, Support and Policies of the Site, which are posted on the Site itself.

3.1 Subject to the Agreement, the Administrator provides Site Services to Users to the extent, methods and within the territory specified in the Agreement, provided that the User observing the rules for using the Site Services. The Administrator provides access to the Site service, which allows the User to post information tasks through the Site platform, and the User enters into other relations with other users independently, without the participation of the Administrator.
3.2 The User obtains the right to use Site Services free of charge, except as otherwise specified by the Administrator. The User obtains the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands at the time of reflection of this Non-Activated Data and Commands in the User’s account.
3.3 The Parties entering into this contract agree and understand that:
- The Site is a place where the User can act as an Exchange Participant;
- The Site and the Administrator himself are not participants in the relations arising between the Users;
- Users are not employees of the Administrator or the Site (except as otherwise specified);
- Services and products of the Site do not control the information posted by Users as well as the User actions;
- The Site does not provide any data and statements regarding the reliability, ability, qualification of any of the Users or the quality, safety and legality of completing tasks, as well as tasks and other information posted by the User and is not liable for it.
3.4 The Site Service provides services to all Users and does not verify the lawfulness and legality of relations between Users, does not supervise operations and completed tasks. The Parties bear statutory liability for possible abuse of the Site services.

4.1 The parties and Users of the Site are obliged to be polite, correct, competent and professional in what they do or offer, and at the same time they must be guided by the principles of reasonableness and integrity, compliance with legal requirements.
4.2 The Parties implement their rights and obligations through the interface of the Site and undertake not to take actions to access the Site itself in the form of codes, to receive any Party’s information in an unlawful way, and also are not entitled to use the information from the Site for any purposes other than the purposes for which such information is provided.
4.3 Users are not entitled to carry out activities that may interfere with the operation of the Site, attach or upload, place in various ways incorrect, virus-infected or unknown files, external links that may be dangerous for Users, and also advertise goods (services) different from Site services and the purposes of this Agreement.
4.4 The User is free to use the program features of the Site or Non-Activated Data and Commands to achieve the result determined by him on a gratuitous basis (if initially there is no charge for obtaining rights and use).
4.5 Users, as well as third parties, are entitled to contact the Administrator by e-mail  in case any of the Parties violates his rights and obligations.
4.6 The Administrator has the authority to provide information at the request of law enforcement agencies and other competent authorities without the consent of the Parties in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.
4.7 The Administrator has the authority to provide reviews and ratings only as a means by which the Parties can publicly express their opinion on the tasks posted and the quality of their implementation. The Parties agree that the Administrator can publicly place the rating system, while he is not responsible for the content of comments and quality assessments of completed tasks, User reviews, even if such information defames honor and dignity or is adjudicative. At the same time, the Administrator reserves the right at his own discretion to hide or delete such information, including offensive and containing obscene expressions. Any attempts to falsify reviews, comments, blackmail Parties by negative reviews, intentional downgrading, as well as offers to sell or buy tasks in exchange for reviews are violations of this Agreement and the rules posted on the Site. The Administrator reserves the right to remove ratings and reviews, if he considers it necessary and appropriate.
4.8 The Administrator has the authority temporarily or permanently revoke access to the Site and Site Services for User, while the User is not entitled to continue to use the Site under a different account or register a new account.
4.9 Users undertake to act on their own behalf and do not act on behalf of the Site, do not make any representations, do not provide guarantees and do not conclude any agreements on behalf of the Site.
4.10 Users do not claim ownership of the information transmitted to the Site, in case of using information from the Site or when copying any content accessible only through the Site, the User must request the permission of the Administrator, otherwise such actions are prohibited and are regarded as violations of intellectual property rights.
4.11 The Parties are forbidden to transfer their account in any way, to purchase an account from another User, including by exchange or by gift.
4.12 The Site Service represented by the Administrator has the right to suspend or cancel the implementation of a task if any of the Parties violates the terms of this Agreement, and also has the right to refuse further service to any of the Parties without explaining the reason for this decision.
4.13 The Parties undertake to exclude any possible aiding to illegal trade and any other illegal operations using the Site Services; to exclude any possible complicity in conducting financial frauds, not to use the Site service in order to create and distribute financial pyramids, as well as to perform other actions that are contrary to law and legal standards; to exclude in their practical activities using the Site Service any actions the implementation of which may be related to the money-laundering and legalization of funds obtained illegally.
4.14 The sole obligation of the Administrator is to provide the User with the opportunity to use the Site Services in the manner specified by this Agreement.
4.15 The Administrator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or delete any information that is posted by the Parties on the Site, the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the access of the Parties to the Site Services at any time and without explanation.
4.16 The Administrator has the authority to change the terms of this Agreement. Information about such changes is published on the Site and /or by newsletters.
4.17 The Administrator has the authority to place advertising and /or other information in any section of the Site without the consent of the Parties.
4.18 The Administrator undertakes to provide the User with the opportunity to receive support service advice in the case of identification data. The scope of consultations is limited to specific issues related to the provision of the Site Services. The Administrator may, at his discretion, require the User to make a request to the support service by e-mail from the address provided by the User during registration and/or indicated in his account.
4.19 The Administrator has the authority to terminate the Agreement unilaterally in case the User violates the rules for posting information on the Site, and if, after sending him two warnings, he continues to publish information that is prohibited for posting on the Site.
4.20 The Administrator has the authority to deviate from the subject of the Agreement by supplementing it, expanding the list of services provided or excluding services that cannot be provided or are not in demand, as indicated on the Site.
4.21 The Administrator has the authority to delete the information that Users place, if (a) such information runs counter to the requirements of law (contains obscene expressions, erotic content, discriminatory restrictions, advertises narcotic and other substances prohibited for distribution, etc.) or may otherwise harm the reputation of the Site, the legitimate rights and interests of the Parties, or (b) by order of the legally competent authorities. Herewith, the site has no duties to track, verify and review information posted by the User.
4.22 Users are required to comply with the terms of this Agreement; required to provide the necessary and sufficient information to the Administrator for the provision of services by the Site; when registering on the Site, provide information that meets the requirements stipulated by this Agreement.
4.23 The Parties fulfill the assumed obligations on their behalf without transferring the rights and obligations of this Agreement to third parties.
4.24 The parties are obliged to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the information received (links, names and access passwords, mobile phone numbers of specialists, etc.).
4.25 The Parties are free to use Site Services during the term of the Agreement, to unilaterally refuse to carry out this Agreement in case of failure or improper fulfillment by any of the Parties of their obligations under this Agreement; disagreement with the amendments and/or additions made to this Agreement by the Administrator.

5.1 The Site organizes a convenient Exchange between users of digital data and activity, including Likes, by connecting users as Exchange Participants, while the Administrator himself is not a service company and does not provide any services for managing User activities or their direct work in any form.
5.2 The User may register only one account on the Site in compliance with the rules of authenticity. Each account should be used by only one person (legal entity, entrepreneur). The Administrator reserves the right to verify information at any time, including checking through third-party databases or checking one or more official state or legal documents confirming the identity of the User. By accepting the terms of the Agreement and the rules for using the Site, the User authorize the Administrator, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries necessary to validate the identity, and confirm the ownership of email, placed information, data and other documents. Inability to obtain the necessary information confirming the accuracy of the information provided by the User may be regarded as a violation of this Agreement.
5.3 The Parties undertake not to disclose the password to third parties and are fully responsible for any actions using such a password on the Site. The Parties are responsible for ensuring and maintaining the confidentiality and security of the password for the account. The user is obliged to inform the support service of the Site immediately if there are suspicions that the password has been lost or stolen.
5.4 The exchange of digital data and activity, including Likes, is carried out by creating exchange participants of tasks using the Site Services. A User who sends a task to another User or accepts a task for implementation can also perform a counter task for such or another User.  Only Exchange Participants are involved in creating and completing tasks.
5.5 Participants for completing assignments receive rewards in the form of Likes. Users transfer to each other the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands, a digital asset according to the rules of the Site in fact. The User agrees that Users independently determine whether it is necessary to transfer to another User such Rights and Likes for actions performed by another user in his favor. Non-Activated Data have no value outside the Site Service, cannot be used outside the Site and can only be activated by the Administrator at the request of the Exchange Participant to whom they belong.
5.6 The User posts information describing what capabilities and digital resources he has so that other participants can understand the result of the task and his reward. At the same time, each Exchange Participant independently determines the value of their capabilities and resources and expresses it in the number of requested Likes. The User posting the task on the Site describes as much as possible the essence of the tasks, the final result, the deadlines, the order of their delivery, quality requirements and other essential conditions for fulfilling and accepting the final result of the task, as well as remuneration. The User must inform if, during the performance of the task, the results of intellectual property belonging to the User or to third parties are transferred to them or should be used.
5.7 Each action on the Site is accompanied by the activation of part of the Non-Activated Data involved in this action, the size of which is determined by the current policy of the Site and displayed on the corresponding pages.
5.8 The Administrator has the authority to cancel any action, in case of violations from any Party, at his discretion.
5.9 The information posted by the User must comply with the requirements of the law and not contain advertising of other products and services, including illegal, violating intellectual property rights, copyrights or offensive in nature.
5.10 The User, by accepting the task, confirms that he meets the required skills and has the competencies (abilities) to perform such a task, independently determines the procedure for its implementation in accordance with the established requirements. The Site does not check for User competencies. Each User acts at his discretion when accepting completed tasks, quality assessment, and claims, is any.
5.11 The Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands are considered granted to the User from the moment when the opportunity to actualize these Rights appears in the User account. The Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands are granted to the User for the duration of this Agreement, unless otherwise provided by the Agreement or follows from the nature of the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands themselves.
5.12 The Administrator does not exchange the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands, Likes, and other elements to other Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands, other elements, cash or non-cash funds, unless otherwise expressly permitted by the Agreement.
5.13 The Site Service is free. The administrator has the authority to sell to an unlimited number of person services for the correction of any Data that is an integral part of the Site, including the service of replenishing Non-Activated Data of any Exchange Participant. After the provision of the Non-Activated Data replenishment service, the service cannot be canceled and the money paid for it cannot be returned.
5.14 Users may obtain a monetary reward from Any Request LLC. for their activity in the service. Rewards are paid as an encouragement of activity on our service, which is direct participation in the exchange or the creation of information products and services for other users with a deduction of commission from their operations. To receive a reward, Users must activate their likes package. The amount of remuneration is indicated on the payment creation page. The amount of remuneration may be changed by Any Request LLC unilaterally, at any time, without prior notice to the User.
5.15 The amount of fee (for the service of replenishing Non-Activated Data and Commands) is determined by Any Request LLC unilaterally and is indicated in the User’s account. In certain cases, the payment method operator may charge a fee in excess of the fee set by Any Request LLC. The User understands and hereby agrees that when making a payment using some payment methods, the total amount of the fee for the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands may differ from the size specified in the User’s account set by Any Request LLC.
The amount indicated by Any Request LLC in the user’s account can be expressed in two or more currencies. The User understands and hereby agrees that when paying by certain payment methods the operator of such methods may use a currency exchange rate different from that used by Any Request LLC. As a result, the amount set for payment to the User may be different from the amount indicated by Any Request LLC.
Granting to the User the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands is carried out only on condition that the User has made the corresponding payment in full. At the same time, before receiving confirmation of payment in full, Any Request LLC has the right not to grant the User Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands, or to provide them in a limited amount.
The amount of fee may be unilaterally changed by Any Request LLC in favor of the Administrator at any time without prior notice to the User.
The invoice (bill) payment entails the acceptance of the services provided.
5.16 The procedure and methods of payment. Payments are made by transferring funds to Any request LLC through payment methods supported by Any request LLC. The list of available payment methods is unilaterally determined by Any Request LLC and is indicated in the user account or in another order.
When making payments, the User undertakes to follow the instructions of the relevant payment methods and payment rules established by Any Request LLC. The Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands are provided to the User solely subject to the correct execution of payment instructions and compliance with payment rules. Any Request LLC is not responsible for the rejection of the User’s payment by decision of the payment method operator or as a result of an operator’s error.
The User undertakes to provide reliable data when making payments. The user independently bears all the risks of negative consequences associated with the indication of incorrect data when making a payment.
If, when making a payment due to a technical error, the User will be granted Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands in an amount that does not correspond to the money paid, the User is obliged to immediately inform Any Request of this. In this case, Any Request LLC will make all necessary efforts to provide the User with Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands in the amount paid by the User.
5.17 Payment Methods. For questions about the rules and procedure for using payment methods, the User must contact the operators of the payment methods of their choice directly. Any Request LLC may, at its discretion and if possible, advise the User on issues related to the use of certain payment methods. However, the User hereby understands and agrees that in most cases Any Request LLC is not able to provide the User with comprehensive explanations regarding the use of payment methods. Concerning the return of funds paid by the User erroneously or in violation of payment methods or legislation, the User must contact the operators of the corresponding payment methods directly.
5.17.1 When using "Yandex.Money" payment method, the User confirms that he has read the Terms of Use of the "Yandex.Money" service
5.18 The consequences of illegal actions when making a payment. The User hereby confirms that he has the right to use his chosen payment methods without violating the rights of third parties and the laws of the country in which the site is used or payment is made.
The User undertakes to compensate Any Request LLC, other Users and third parties for all losses incurred in connection with the User’s unlawful behavior, including the use of funds not belonging to him.
Unless otherwise provided by this Agreement or applicable law, Any Request LLC reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or completely terminate this Agreement for any reason, including if Any Request LLC has grounds for suspecting the User of illegal actions related to the license fees payment. Herewith, Any Request LLC is not obligated to pay such User any compensation, including the return of money spent, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement or applicable law.
In case Any Request LLC has reason to believe that the User is committing unlawful actions related to the payment of a license fee, Any Request LLC has the right to transfer relevant information to law enforcement authorities for verification.
5.19 Tracking account status. The User is obliged to independently monitor the status of the Account created by him, in particular with regard to the correct display of Non-Activated Data and Commands, Rights to which were obtained by the User.
5.20 If, as a result of a technical error, disruption or the User’s actions, he received the Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands without payment, the User undertakes to notify Any Request LLC about this and to pay a fee to Any Request LLC if the User started using them. Any Request LLC has the authority to independently (without notifying the User and without any compensation) eliminate the consequences, including terminating the granting of Rights to Non-Activated Data and Commands or by deleting the such Non-Activated Data and Commands from the User's Account.
5.21 The User undertakes to immediately notify the Administrator of all incidents of inducing another User to transfer Rights to Non-Active Data and Commands, a digital asset, Likes either using funds directly or through other channels. In this case, the Administrator has the authority to block the Account of the violating User.
5.22 The Administrator does not participate in the possible transfer of taxes, social payments and other payments established by law, which the User must make, if any. Users are required to comply with the legislation on their own and bear full responsibility in this regard.

6.1 The Site offers its Users a service to top up the balance of Non-Activated Data. The service cost is 1 USD for 1 (one) like.

7.1 The Parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement in the manner established by the Agreement.
7.2 The Administrator will have no liability for the impossibility of using Site Services for reasons depending on the actions of the Users of the Site themselves.
7.3 The Administrator is exempt from liability for any losses incurred explicitly or indirectly by the User, since the Site Service is provided as is and to the extent that the Administrator determines for each person individually.
7.4 The Administrator does not	assume	any responsibility for possible losses or damage as a result of blocking the User’s account, blocking certain content due to violations of the rules for using the Site services and violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User.
7.5 The Administrator reserves the right to suspend the work of the Site Services and access to the Site for preventive work (if possible at night or on weekends) and will have no liability in this regard.
7.6 The Administrator will not have any liability if the User’s expectations about the qualities and capabilities of the Site Services were not justified.
7.7 The User is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about himself, and also confirms that he has read and agree to the terms of this Agreement in full.
7.8 The User obtains information services on an “as it is” basis and bears all the risks associated with this in view of the impossibility of forecasting the actions of other Users of the Site Services, since the Administrator is not responsible for the actions of Users and third parties and their reputation.
7.9 The User is fully responsible subject to applicable law for posting information, comments, reviews and other materials in relation to himself and other Users of the Site and third parties, its reliability and legitimacy. The Administrator will not have any liability for the content of the materials posted by User, his compliance with the requirements of the law (including tax) for the actions performed, including entrepreneurial activity, if any.
7.10 The User bears full responsibility for actions that arise as a result of the lack of necessary and sufficient competencies in the performance of tasks, as well as the lack of necessary powers, including those that are governed by the laws of the country to which the User belongs.
7.11 The User may be prosecuted for damage caused by his actions to the Site. Users are responsible to each other, as well as to third parties, in the manner prescribed by law, while the Administrator does not enter into legal relations of responsibility between Users and third parties, and does not resolve conflicts that are the prerogative of the competent authorities and courts.

8.1 The Parties shall be exempted from liability for partial or full failure to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement if this happened due to force majeure circumstances arising after entering into this Agreement as a result of extraordinary events that the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent reasonable measures.
8.2 Force majeure circumstances include events on which the Party cannot influence and for which it is not responsible, such as: war, uprising, strike, earthquake, flood, fire, severe weather conditions or other natural disasters, government regulations, orders (decrees) of government bodies and officials, laws and other normative acts of the competent authorities, adopted after acceptance of this Agreement and making impossible to fulfill obligations, establishing of this Agreement, as well as the actions of government or local authorities and their representatives that impede the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, and other unforeseen circumstances.
8.3 In the event of force majeure circumstances that impede the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, the date for fulfillment by the Parties of such obligations shall be postponed in proportion to the time during which such circumstances are in effect, as well as the time necessary to eliminate their consequences, but not more than 60 (sixty) calendar days.
8.4 If force majeure circumstances are remaining in force beyond the period specified in paragraph 7.3 of this Agreement, or when, upon their occurrence, it becomes apparent to both Parties that the circumstances will be in effect beyond this period, the Parties undertake to discuss the possibilities of alternative ways of fulfilling this Agreement or terminating it without indemnification.

9.1 The Parties unconditionally agree that all correspondence, documentation, notices and notifications received by email are considered to be delivered to the addressee in proper form. Moreover, if the Administrator sending information (documents) by email, information (documents) is considered received by the User on the day the email is sent to the User's email address, which can be confirmed by a copy of the web page with the information (document) sent.
9.2 Parties are required to timely check correspondence received at their email addresses. All risks associated with adverse consequences due to non-compliance with the requirements of this paragraph of the Agreement shall be borne by the Party that committed such a violation.
9.3 The Parties hereby declare that they fully accept the legal validity of the texts of documents received via communication channels (e-mail, fax) along with documents executed in simple written form on paper, unless the paperwork is mandatory due to requirements of this Agreement or legislation.

10.1 The administrator guarantees and ensures the confidentiality of information about the Parties and their operations. The Administrator can provide this information only at the request of authorized government bodies, officials, if there are legal grounds for this.
10.2 The Administrator undertakes not to use the data of the Parties obtained during registration for purposes not provided in this Agreement, and guarantees the non-disclosure of these data, except when disclosure of such information is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law.
10.3 The Administrator has the right to collect personal information, that is: full name, date of birth, gender, name of the legal entity (entrepreneur), details, contact numbers, email address, location. It is also possible to collect other information such as Cookies (in order to determine the User’s browser and provide services depending on it), the User’s IP address, information about errors in the resource’s operation, and the User’s behavior on the Site. All information is collected as is and does not change during the data collection process.
10.4 Full name, date of birth, gender, email address, name of the legal entity (entrepreneur), details, contact numbers, location can be displayed on the Site in the manner necessary to provide the Site Services.
10.5 Source and object code (including Activated and Non-Activated Data and Commands), User interface, graphic images, photographs, animations, video images, video clips, sound recordings, sound effects, music, text content and content of the Site, as well as any other Site elements are (or contain) intellectual property objects, the exclusive rights to which belong to their legal owners. The User agrees that any part and any element of the Site, its Activated and Non-Activated data and Commands, are an integral part of the Site and are protected by law. Despite the fact that the User is granted the right to use the Site and Site Services, the use of the Site cannot be regarded as the transfer or assignment of the exclusive right in relation to the Site, its parts and elements, including Non-Activated Data and Commands, from Administrator to User.
10.6 The copyright to the materials posted by the User on the Site belongs to the User who created them or other legal copyright holders.
10.7 Intellectual rights to the free use of materials that are objects of intellectual property pass to the Administrator in the form of a non-exclusive license on the territory of all countries of the world from the moment the User places (publishes) these materials on the Site without a counter obligation to pay copyright or other remuneration and without limitation on the maximum allowable term and territory of use. Intellectual rights to use the materials under this paragraph include the right to freely use them in any way and in any country in the world, to publish, distribute, modify, adapt, otherwise process, post them, create derivatives without the obligation to mention the name of the author or other obligations. The User also agrees to provide legal grounds for granting the Administrator intellectual property rights to materials posted by the User on the Site and owned by other copyright holders.

11.1 This Agreement is regarded as being concluded from the moment of User's registration on the Site and is valid until the end of the Site Services provision.
11.2 This Agreement may be terminated:
- in case of expiration of the Agreement;
- by agreement of the parties;
- unilaterally by the Administrator;
- in other cases provided for by this Agreement and the law.
11.3 The Administrator reserves the right to unilateral extrajudicial termination of this Agreement without any compensation to Users.

12.1 The Parties undertake to resolve by negotiation all disputes and disagreements related to this Agreement. If the Parties fail to resolve all disputes in a negotiated manner, all disputes arising under this Agreement, including those related to its conclusion, amendment, termination, execution, invalidity, shall be resolved in court in accordance with the legislation of the Administrator country.
12.2 Before applying to the court with a claim for disputes arising between the Parties under this agreement, the claim presentation (a written proposal for the voluntary dispute settlement) is mandatory, for the consideration of which 60 calendar days are allotted.

13.1 The Parties acknowledge that any information relating to the conclusion of this Agreement, including any attachments and additions, is a trade secret and undertake to strictly maintain the confidential nature of such information without disclosing it to third parties without the prior written consent of the other Party, unless this is necessary for the purposes of this Agreement or for disclosure to the relevant government authorities in cases determined by applicable law.
13.2 Continued use of Site Services by any of the Parties after making changes or additions to this Agreement means full acceptance of these changes or additions.
13.3 Regular use of the Site Services by the Parties, the use of information services implies that the Parties agree to the privacy policy, the terms of this Agreement. Consequently, the Parties should independently regularly explore this Agreement, information about the payment procedure, information posted on the Site and the privacy policy statement to ensure that the Parties are fully aware of all the changes made.